We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. 


Payment is required in full before attendance to a class.  We cannot guarantee a place on a course unless prior payment has been made via our online booking system, a bank transfer or cash.  If you request a place on a course without paying, there is no assurance a space will be available on commencement of the course.  Confirmation of your booking will be forwarded by email. 


We are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced and partial refunds for missed classes are not given.  Please notify us beforehand if you will miss a class.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide make up sessions (you may book a 121 session to catch up) however we will endeavour to ensure you are able to catch up at your next attendance.


If a class has to be cancelled by us, the group will receive the option of a refund for the class missed or an additional class added on at the end of the course.

You must not knowingly book a dog that shows aggression or extreme nervousness onto a training course, unless it is a specific course that is intended to address these issues.  We reserve the right to excuse dogs that are aggressive in class.  If you do not advise us of potential problems and your dog shows aggression in class you will not be entitled to a refund.  Contact us if you are not sure whether a class is suitable for your dog.  If you are unsure about the suitability of your dog in class and have not asked us to assess your dog before your attendance, you will not be refunded if your dog is unsuitable for the class you have booked.  If we have agreed to your dog attending but the dog is not suited to the class environment, we will offer you alternative arrangements, such as working with you on a one-to-one basis.


Cancellation for a course that has been paid for requires at least 48 hours notice.  Course fees will not be refunded within 48 hours notice of the course starting.  We are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced.  No refunds are given for non-attendance to a course.


Insufficient numbers booked onto a course may result in the course being postponed or cancelled.  In this instance you will be notified of future course dates or offered private tuition.  If this is not acceptable a full refund will be given.

Requests for a refund and any cancellations, including for one-to-ones are made at the discretion of Lucy Heath Dog Training and any decision is made on a case-by-case basis.


We limit the number of dogs in our classes to provide the appropriate trainer to dog ratio. 


When arriving at class please avoid allowing your dog to meet the other dogs on lead (unless the dogs already know each other).  Not all dogs like to be near other dogs when restrained on lead and may react as a consequence. 

A toilet break before each class will ensure your dog is empty and comfortable. Please be a responsible dog owner and always clean up after your dog. Please use the poo bin provided on site.

What to wear: 

Our training involves practical handling therefore appropriate shoes and clothing are recommended.  Please wear comfortable flat shoes for safety reasons, as you will be moving about.  You may be required during training to get down on the ground therefore suitable attire is recommended.


Our methods: 

As a member of reputable organisations including the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and in accordance with membership Code of Practice, we practise kind, fair and effective techniques avoiding the need to use physical correction of any type.  Harsh handling of dogs is wholeheartedly discouraged and the use of check chains and other coercive or punitive methods, including lead jerking, shouting or smacking, is not permitted. 

You may not use any device in class that we consider aversive, such as choke chains, pinch collars, spray collars, compressed air canisters, rattle cans or water squirters, or any other device, or method, that has potential to cause injury, pain or fear.  Any owner who continues to use harsh methods when asked not to, will be asked to leave our classes and not return.

Dogs unfit for class: 

Welfare and safety of all dogs is paramount to us.  Dogs in an unfit state of health due to illness, disease or injury cannot be brought to class.  Do not bring your dog to class if they have been in contact with an infectious disease, such as kennel cough.  If you are unsure as to whether your dog is well enough to attend, please refer to your Vet.  If your dog is unable to attend you are encouraged to attend the class without your dog so you can maintain continuity of training.

1-2-1 Training sessions: 

The training session will take place at your home or at a suitable, agreed location, depending on the nature of the training.  Practical aspects of the programme are included and will be demonstrated to you. 

Fees must be paid upon booking the training session.  If booking a 'package' of sessions, the total fee must be paid prior to the first appointment and all sessions in a pre-paid package must be taken within 6 months of that date.  If you need to cancel your appointment please inform us, allowing 48 hours notice. 

Children in class: 

We encourage family members to attend classes.  Children are welcome and when encouraged to participate often make competent handlers.  Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  Children are encouraged to behave appropriately in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and are requested not to run in class, or distract other dogs from working.  For safety reasons it is advisable all children are educated in how to approach an unfamiliar dog.  We do provide instruction in how to interact with an unfamiliar dog.


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